Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I love Calista soooooo much I never could have imagined that my heart would ever be any fuller, but it has happened! The minute my little man cried his first in that hospital room I would have died for him. I would not have hesitated and I still wouldn't! It has given me a limited understanding as to how much our Heavenly Father must love and care for His children.
My life has been so complete since God has blessed our home with this little bundle of joy. He arrived on February 26, 2007. His name is Magnus (meaning "Great") and as his name implies I could not have any greater desire than for him to live his life for God and maybe be used in His service. To be "Great" for God!


Saw Pilot said...

Hey bro. Glad to see that you finally started a blog. Don't do what I did and not keep it up. I have to get some things up on mine. Keep sending the pics of Magnus....I like to see the progression as he grows. I've been flying some this tour (powerline patrol). I start saw training next tour out. Keep in touch. Later, Dan

snakesnailsbuttonsnbows said...

Hello!! Congrats on the dear baby! Notice I didn't say little!!! He has left Katy in the dust size wise!!! He definitely is his fathers son. He really looks like you when you were little. God has Really Blessed you....wonderful wife and now a dear little boy!! your cuz, Bec