Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I love Calista soooooo much I never could have imagined that my heart would ever be any fuller, but it has happened! The minute my little man cried his first in that hospital room I would have died for him. I would not have hesitated and I still wouldn't! It has given me a limited understanding as to how much our Heavenly Father must love and care for His children.
My life has been so complete since God has blessed our home with this little bundle of joy. He arrived on February 26, 2007. His name is Magnus (meaning "Great") and as his name implies I could not have any greater desire than for him to live his life for God and maybe be used in His service. To be "Great" for God!

Monday, July 9, 2007


All my life I have been told that anything worth having is worth waiting for. Well after 30 years of single life God blessed me with the most wonderful wife in the world! Her name is Calista (meaning: Most Beautiful) I knew when I married her that she was perfect for me but after 6 years of marriage I now understand even more how perfect our union is. I thank God every day for her! Honey the vows I made to you at the altar on August 3rd, 2001 are even stronger today. You are my best friend, you make my home the best place on earth. I will love you forever. I love you!


I arrived home late one night about 1 am on June 28, 2006 and noticed alot of lights on at our house. I slipped into the house and saw that my wife Calista was asleep. I walked into the study where the computer was left on and this is what I saw on the screen! I will never forget the emotions I experienced that night when I woke her and we embraced and talked and dreamed of this remarkable gift God was blessing us with. A baby!!!!!